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Transition takes place with the introduction of a new constitution


Libereco’s new flag, as described by Article 4 of the new constitution.

Albertine, Libereco  — Today saw the first day since the official transition to a new constitution in Libereco, which sees an overhaul of the system and several other changes.

The new constitution contains 74 article which are divided into 7 chapters, those being general provisions, the Union Assembly, the President, legislation, Courts, fundamental rights and extra provisions.

This constitution is much longer and much more comprehensive than the previous constitution, which was considered vague and inadequate.

The transition became official after Leon Simpson, former First Ambassador and now President, issued an executive order in accordance with the old constitution, annulling all previous legislation and bringing the new constitution into law.

The constitution sees an overhaul of the national symbols, the specification of Libereco’s territory, the first document detailing the rights of citizens in Libereco’s history and a rename from the Federation of Libereco to the Union of Libereco.

When Parliament reconvenes federally after the elections, it is expected that President Simpson will put forward a vote of confidence for the constitution, though this vote is expected to pass comfortably, with no objections being raised against the constitution.

An act detailing further provisions which weren’t thought to be necessary in the constitution is expected to be passed soon.

Link to pdf


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