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The President’s Office: biggest changes since the Treaty of Amasburg.

EDITORIAL — Albertine, Union of Libereco — The Confederation is experiencing, or is set to experience, significant changes over the coming weeks. Notably, our withdrawal from the St.Charlian Commonwealth, the controversial succession of Hobartstown and Victoria, which will become the Federal Commonwealth of Hobartstown and Victoria, and the full introduction of the most comprehensive constitution in our history, which will introduce multiple changes to the political system, hence the title of this article. Among these changes, we will see the introduction of a full parliamentary system, which I’d liken to the Republic of Ireland’s system, a system I, and other Deputies and Governors I’ve spoken to, feel will bring Amager stability and allow us to progress.

The Federal Assembly yesterday convened and passed the new constitution, which will see the creation of the Fourth Confederation, replacing the old Third Confederation. The Federal Assembly elected myself as President, a position I will fully assume on the 19th April, when we formally leave the St.Charlian Commonwealth. Joseph Kennedy was subsequently recommended by the Assembly as their preferred Prime Minister, and thus I appointed him to such a position, which he too will fully assume on the 19th April.

Discussion I have had with members of the Labour Party, of which I am First Secretary, lead me to believe that my plans of reform are viewed upon positively, as do similar conversations I’ve had, such as the ones with National Party leader and Governor of Akharnes Edward Jacobs. Despite the fact that we occupy opposite ends of the island that is the political spectrum, we both fully agreed that my reform plan is positive for our future.

Among my plans for reform, is the increase of state rights, though they still must be governed under certain inalienable principles. The reasons behind Hobartstown and Victoria’s succession is arguably the very thing I’m now endorsing, or accepting, I don’t know which. However, the only way to keep the Fourth Confederation from becoming the last Confederation is to allow the States to govern themselves in a way they see fit, as long as they are governed in a democratic, fair and secular manner, as is specified by our new constitution. I trust the Governors to uphold these principles, if they do not, then we will see the fall of Amager.

Also in my plans are the relaxation of many laws, particularly the laws that restrict various things, as these have become a source of discontent within our nation. The foremost of these is the relaxation of citizenship laws, something which I have just about achieved through last evening’s meeting of the Federal Assembly. The new constitution simplifies the system of representation, so dual citizenship will not be as detrimental as it would have been before. Infact, it shan’t be detrimental at all with proper regulation, or so I hope.

As I say, so I hope, as I hope that these reforms will hold the Confederation together. Perhaps it will, perhaps it won’t, we shall see.

— Leon Simpson, President-to-be of the Confederation of Amager.


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This entry was posted on March 31, 2013 by in Amager, Constitution, Editorial.

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